Hello 👋

I am a full-stack engineer with a love for frontend engineering and delivering great UX.

These are some of my personal projects:

Filter Canvas

Screenshot of Filter Canvas

Single-page application that manages filter and pipes configurations.

It features a hand-tuned drag-and-drop implementation and unlimited undo/redo.


Source code on GitHub


Screenshot of TabAttack

TabAttack is a browser extension that helps you export all open tabs into a Markdown document, then close the tabs. This is useful if you want to reduce the number of open tabs by archiving them in a searchable format.

There is also a feature to re-open all links from a saved Markdown document.

Available on the Chrome Web Store


Source code on GitHub

Cubic Interpolation

Screenshot of Cubic Interpolation

This project was used to learn OpenGL and the task was to render a cubic interpolation for a 4x4 mesh of elevation data.

Source code on GitHub